Grand Prix is on April 2, 2019

Hey Everyone, due to an early winter, we’ve had to move Grand Prix to the spring.  We are ready to go with the race next week, April 2nd.

Cars kits are available to purchase this week if you don’t have one.  Cost is $5.00 each.  **

Ensure you follow the instructions included in the car kit for size and weight restrictions.

Parents can help make the car, or the clubber can complete the car themselves.  Every clubber’s car will have a chance to race at least 4 times during the competition which is sure to be a lot of fun.  Cars will zoom on our 4 lane track complete with electronic scoring.

Cars are also judged in 2 design categories:

  • Classic– Clubbers do all of the work on the car themselves. An adult can cut the wood if required for safety.
  • PRO– Clubbers can work on the car with an adult.IMG_4300

Judging will take place between 6:00-6:30 on race night.  Cars must be weighed and judged prior to race time.  Trophies will be awarded for racing and design.

Grand Prix is a fun night for all clubbers and their family as we cheer on the fastest cars to victory.

**Financial assistance is available for purchasing a car kit. Please ask the AWANA secretary.