Updated September 2nd 2020.

Update On AWANA 

Hi Everyone, 

A few have been asking about AWANA for this year.  We have been hoping to see progress in the COVID 19 situation and like all areas of our lives, this is taking longer than expected.  AWANA poses several concerns for both the clubbers & their parents and our faithful leaders.

 Faith Bible Church currently is working on a return to services plan in keeping with Provincial regulations.  This would be considered step one toward any start in children’s ministries.  Until this progresses further, Esther and I feel there is no sense in even planning what AWANA will look like.

 There are three important phases of our AWANA program.  One is our Counsel time which involves singing and lots of energy in presenting a message from the Bible.  We are currently not able to sing in church without masks.  Spacing is required between households.  These are both very difficult to manage. 

The second phase is Handbook Time which involves leaders spending time with children in small groups going through sections in the handbook.  Our leaders are made up of a number of college students from other provinces, and the remainder are mostly seniors who are in a high-risk group for COVID.

The third phase is game time.  We physically cannot distance during game time at this point.

The fact that schools are just putting together plans demonstrates the significant risks associated with children from multiple households gathering together in a small space. Many PEI parents are concerned with just the start-up of school. 

With our AWANA program, we currently cannot guarantee social distancing, or adequate supervision to maintain distancing in order to protect all involved from COVID19.

We will reassess the situation as the school year progresses, with a possible start up early in 2021.

We appreciate your understanding in all of this during these very challenging times.

May God bless and keep your family safe.  Please remember that your children’s safety is our number one concern.

Darryl & Esther Macdonald

AWANA Commanders- Faith Bible Church


AWANA is on hold until further notice due to COVID19

We will continue to communicate through this site, so please check back for video messages and updates.







AWANA is a weekly evangelism and discipleship program for youth from Kindergarten to Grade 6. The AWANA program at Faith Bible Church runs from September through early April on Tuesday nights from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the church.