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Archived Messages:

Summer Guest Speaker Series Audio only:

2021-07-18 Guest Speaker

2021-07-11 Guest Speaker

2021-07-04 Living Through the Conspiracy Part 2

2021-06-27 Living Through the Conspiracy?

Series: Ten Stepping Stones Toward Maturity

2021-06-20 Fathers Who Know God
Message notes for June 20

2021-06-13 Kairos Seasons
Message notes for June 13

2021-06-06 Staying in Step
Message notes for June 6

Series: Good News for Bad News People

2021-06-06 Staying in Step
Message notes for June 6

2021-05-30 With Mouth and Heart
Message notes for May 30

2021-05-23 The Spirit Is Life
Message notes for May 23

2021-05-16 Much Much More
Message notes for May 16

2021-05-09 Remember What Your Mother Taught You
Message notes for May 9

2021-05-02 The Power of God
Message Notes for May 2

2021-04-25 God’s Righteousness Revealed
Message Notes for April 25

2021-04-11 Good News for Bad News People
Message Notes for April 11


Good Friday Service 10:00AM

Sing & Share 2021-03-28: 


“20-20 Spiritual Vision” Series:

2021-03-21 The Eye Salve of the Spirit
Message Notes for March 21

2021-03-14 Becoming Who You Are
Message Notes for March 14

2021-03-07 Losing When You Win
Message Notes for March 7

“Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken” Series:

2021-02-21 Home is Where the Heart Is
Message Notes for February 21

2020-02-14 Children of God
Message Notes for February 14

2021-02-07 Life from Death
Message Notes for February 7

2021-01-31 Keeping an Eye on the Sky
Message Notes for January 31

2021-01-24 A Penny Worth More than Many
Message Notes for January 24

2021-01-17 Praying Mountains Out of the Way
Message Notes for January 17

2021-01-10 Caring for Jesus Unaware
Message Notes for January 10

2021-01-03 Unbelievable Belief  
Message Notes for January 3

Luke Tells The First Noel” Series:


2020-12-27 God’s Presence, God’s Peace 
Message Notes for December 27

2020-12-20 Searching for the Saviour
Message Notes for December 20

2020-12-13  Little People, Big God
Message notes for December 13

2020-12-06 From Doubt to a Turnabout 
Message Notes for December 6

2020-11-29 The God Who Speaks
Message Notes for November 29

Bible Prayer’s Worth Praying Series:

2020-11-22  The Test for Choosing God’s Best 
Message Notes for November 22

2020-11-15 Praise All Your Days 
Message Notes for November 15

2020-11-08  The Prayer of a Fervent Servant
Message Notes for November 8


“God’s Epic Questions” Series:

2020-11-01 Where Were You When I Laid the Foundation of the Earth?
Message Notes for November 1

2020-10-25 Is It a Time for You to Dwell in Your Panelled Houses?

Message Notes for October 25, 2020

2020-10-18 What Is That in Your Hand?

Message Notes for October 18, 2020

2020-10-11 Is My Hand Too Weak to Deliver?

Message Notes for October 11, 2020

2020-10-04 Who Are These Men With You?

Message Notes for October 4, 2020

2020-09-20 What is Your Name?

Message Notes for September 20, 2020

2020-09-13 Where are You?

Message Notes for September 13, 2020


“Sleuthing for the Truth” Series:

2020-09-06 The Master’s Plan

Message Notes for September 6, 2020

2020-08-30 Mysterious Mel

Message Notes for August 30, 2020

2020-08-23 The Morning After the Mourning

Message Notes for August 23, 2020

2020-08-16 Charged With Breaking and Entering

Message Notes for August 16, 2020

2020-08-09 The Blame Game

Message Notes for August 9, 2020

2020-08-02 Building and Battling

Message Notes for August 2, 2020

2020-07-26 Reading The Road Signs

Message Notes for July 26, 2020

2020-07-19  Pure Faith is Sure Faith

Message Notes for July 19, 2020—Sure Faith is Pure Faith

2020-07-12  Spoiled Brats

Message Notes for July 12, 2020

2020-07-05  The Deepest Darkness Ever

Message Notes for July 5, 2020

2020-06-28 Social Distancing is in the Bible

Message Notes for June 28, 2020

“A Greater Kind of Kindness” Series:

2020-06-21 Kindness with Your Kids

Message Notes for June 21, 2020

2020-06-14 The Character of Kindness

Message Notes for June 14, 2020

2020-06-07 God is a Gardener

Message Notes for June 7, 2020I

2020-05-31 God’s Kindness on Display

Message Notes for Sunday, May 31, 2020

2020-05-24 From Depraved to Saved

May 24 Message Notes

2020-05-17 Blindness to God’s Kindness

May 17, 2020 Message Notes


A Gallery of Grace Series:

2020-05-10 Children Who Inherit Godly Merit

May 10 Message Notes-Click 

2020-05-03 Fighting Fire With Fire-Click

May 3 Message Notes-Click

2020-04-26 Eyes on the PrizeClick

April 26 Message Notes-Click

2020-04-19 20-20 Spiritual Vision- Click

Sermon Notes: April 19 Message Notes

 2020-04-12 Easter Service-Click

Sermon Notes: April 12 Message Notes Songs:King of Heaven  Hosanna  The Same Love

2020-04-05 Choose Carefully- Click

April 5 Message Notes  Songs: Promises   Be Unto Your Name

2020-03-29 Rest for the Hard Pressed.Click 

March 29 Message Notes      Songs: Hope of the Nations    Forever Reign

2020-03-22 A Deadly Tug of War- Click

Sermon Notes: March 22 Sermon Notes Song Lyrics: King of My Heart      Promises

2020-03-15 Follow the Lead of the Shepard Who Provides for Your Need

Watch This Sermon


Living Life and Giving Life Series:

2020-03-01 Practicing What Jesus Preached

2020-02-23 The Cure for Plank-Eye Disease

2020-02-16 Smile Along that Extra Mile

2020-02-09 I Only Have Eyes For You!

2020-02-02 Disengaging Angry Raging

2020-01-26  Keep Up The Good Works

2020-01-05  Kingdom Blessings


Good, Better, Blessed Series:

2019-11-10 Blessed are Those Who Who are Righteous

2019-11-03 Blessed are Those Who Seek Him

2019-10-13 Blessed Those Who Know the Festive Shout

2019-10-06 Blessed are Those You Bring Near

2019-09-29 Blessed are those who Trust

2019-09-24 Blessed are the Forgiven- Pastor Jon Dart

2019-09-15  Blessed are the Righteous- Pastor Jon Dart

The Law of the Spirit of Life Series:

2019-09-01  Mistaken or Unshaken- Pastor Jon Dart

2019-07-28  “I Swear”- Pastor Jon Dart

2019-07-14- Family Matters- Pastor Jon Dart

2019-07-07- Give a Life- Pastor Jon Dart

2019-06-30- Rich Beyond Our Wildest Dream- Pastor Jon Dart

2019-06-23- Every Moment a Moment of Truth- Pastor Jon Dart

2019-06-09 Needs or Greeds?- Pastor Jon Dart


God’s Will On Earth Series:

2019-05-19 Get a Life!-Eternal Life! continued, Pastor Jon Dart

2019-05-19 Get a Life!-Eternal Life!, Pastor Jon Dart

2019-03-17 Christ, Appointed for Us- Pastor Jon Dart

2019-03-24 The Blessing and the Promise- Pastor Jon Dart

2019-03-24 Blameless and Innocent- Pastor Jon Dart

2019-04-07 A Ministry of Reconciliation – Pastor Jon Dart

Matthew’s Parables of Jesus Series:

Christmas- “No Fear” Series:


 Isaiah Series:

Right on the Money- Series

Summer Guest Speaker Series:

Crucial Questions Jesus Asked- Series

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