Welcome to our praise and worship guide using the Psalms.

This guide is intended to help you spend a few minutes in worship on a daily basis. The worship activities for each day will take about 10 minutes, and are best done before your normal devotional time. May God richly bless you as you take time to reflect on who He is and what He’s doing in your life!

Psalm 142 

“I Lift Up My Voice to the Lord for Mercy” 

Day 1   

Read verses 1 and 2. Praise the Lord because He is eternal and faithful. What is your trouble today? Cry out to Him. Tell Him your complaint. Bow in quiet worship and allow His Spirit to speak assurance of His mercy to your heart. 

Day 2   

Pray verse 3 to God. Tell God about the area of your life where you feel like you’ve lost your way. Tell Him how your spirit has grown faint. Bow before Him in submission and worship, asking Him for His wisdom. Allow your heart to rest and have peace because He knows the path you are walking right now. 

Day 3   

Pray verses 4 and 5 to God. In what way do you feel abandoned by friends and family today? Tell God about this. Listen to His Spirit as you bow in quiet wor-ship; allow Him to assure you of a refuge with Him. In what way is God your “portion” in your circumstances? Tell Him how this gives you peace. 

Day 4   

Pray verse 6 to God. Tell Him how you cling to Him in the middle of the cir-cumstances that overpower you. Tell Him about your weakness. As you bow in worship, tell Him how you hide in His strength. Allow Him to assure you. 

Day 5   

Pray verse 7 to God. Try to look forward to the outcome of your circumstanc-es, when you will be set free of them. Begin to praise God now for the work He is doing in your life. Allow yourself to see your circumstances as a way of glori-fying God to those around you. Thank Him for the specific grace He is bountiful-ly pouring out in your life.