Welcome to our praise and worship guide using the Psalms.

This guide is intended to help you spend a few minutes in worship on a daily basis. The worship activities for each day will take about 10 minutes, and are best done before your normal devotional time. May God richly bless you as you take time to reflect on who He is and what He’s doing in your life!

Psalm 52 

“Here is the Man Who did Not Make God His Stronghold” 

Day 1   

Read verses 1-4. Praise God today because of His goodness. Think of a time recently when God’s goodness was especially real to you; tell Him about it, and thank Him. Ask the Lord to show you if there are any lies or evil ways of the world that are distracting you from glorifying Him. Tell Him how much you desire to make Him great in your life. 

Day 2   

Read verse 5. Praise God today for His justice. Thank Him today that He has given you life; thank Him for the dwelling place you have with Him. Affirm to Him again that your desire is to walk in His ways; ask Him to preserve you from evil. Tell Him how much you want to glorify Him. 

Day 3   

Read verses 6 and 7. Praise God today because of His awesomeness. Tell Him how much you want to make Him your strength. Think about past times when He has strengthened you, and thank Him. What weakness or sin do you have right now. Ask Him to guard you from arrogance and unbelief. 

Day 4   

Read verse 8. Praise God because He is a loving, caring, merciful God. Tell Him how He has nurtured growth in your life recently, and thank Him for this. Again, bring any area to Him where you are feeling human weakness, and cry out to Him for His mercy. 

Day 5   

Read verse 9. Praise God because of His strength. What strong acts can you think of that God has done in your life; tell Him, and thank Him. Ask Him for opportunities to encourage others with your testimony. Is there an area of your life requiring patience? Affirm to God that you are waiting for His goodness.