Psalm 91:4 says—

ESV—He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.

Many translations use the term “feathers,” but the ESV has it more accurately as “pinions.” In case you don’t know what “pinions” are, they are the strong wing structure at the base of a bird’s feathers. The picture is one of being covered with strength.

Calvin Miller, in a book called “Into the Depths of God,” adds another thought, as to what a mother eagle uses her “pinions” for—

“God often operates in our lives just as we do with our own children. He often pushes us into some unknown place to make us trust and grow. The mother eagle, upon some proper moment of maturity, shoves her eaglets toward what they fear most: the edge of the nest. She knows that the natural fear of her little ones would leave them stuck, quivering forever in the dead sticks of their high nest. To be changed to flight, their cowardice only has to be overcome. Flight is the wings they give to terror. Are the eaglet’s fears real? Yes. But they don’t have to face them alone. Against such fear the mother eagle spreads her pinions”

Many blessings,

Pastor Jon