Week of M a r c h 9 – 1 5 , 2 0 2 0 

Psalm 16 

“You Will Not Abandon My Soul to the Grave” 

Day 1   Read verse 1. Praise God today because of His power, His faithfulness and His lovingkindness. Think about times in the past when you’ve taken refuge in Him, and thank Him. Bring the circumstances to Him that are giving you anxiety right now and ask Him for His safety. Tell Him how you rest in the assurance of hav-ing refuge in Him. 
Day 2   Read verses 2-4. Thank God today for the good things He has specifically giv-en you. Thank Him specifically for the delight you have in other members of God’s family. Affirm to Him that He is your God. Ask Him to show you any way in which you may be treasuring something more highly than Him. 
Day 3   Read verses 5 and 6. Tell God today how delightful your life in Him is. Be specific. Thank Him for His leading in your life, and praise Him because of His wisdom in bringing you to where you are, to your “pleasant places.” Tell Him how much you treasure your security in Him. 
Day 4   Read verses 7 and 8. Praise the Lord today because of His wisdom. Tell Him about times in the past when He has led you. Tell Him how you are determined to follow with Him before you. Ask Him for a full understanding of His will. Tell Him how His presence and fullness assure you in your firm position in Him. 
Day 5   Read verses 9-11. Rejoice today because of your security, your eternal life, God’s leading, the fullness of His presence, and the eternal pleasures you experi-ence. Be specific. Pray the entire Psalm back to Him today.