Week of M a r c h 2 – 8 , 2 0 2 0 

Psalm 5 

“My King, My God, My Lord” 

Day 1    Read verses 1-3. Think about what it means to you that God is your King and your God; tell Him this and praise Him. Thank Him that He is listening to your prayers. What weight are you carrying today? Cry out to Him about this. Make a new commitment to “looking up,” or depending on God. 
Day 2    Read verses 4-5. Praise God today because of His holiness and purity. Ask Him if there is any arrogance, sinful habit or dishonesty in your life. Be quiet before Him as you allow Him to search your heart. Confess specific evil that He reveals to you. Tell Him how much you desire His holiness. 
Day 3    Read verses 7-8. What daily mercies has God given you recently. Visualize yourself coming through the gates of the temple; thank God for His specific mercy as you do this. Bow down in reverence as you think about being in His holy presence. Ask God for His leading in specific areas of confusion. 
Day 4     Read verses 9-10. Again, praise God today because of His holiness and purity. Ask Him to search your heart for any faithlessness, selfish manipulations or rebelliousness, and confess these things to Him. Affirm to Him that your trust is in Him, and not in your own selfish schemes. 
Day 5    Read verses 11-12. Think specifically about how God has defended you, blessed you and surrounded you with His favour. Tell Him specifically how He has done this. Tell Him how this brings you joy. Affirm to Him that you trust in Him alone, and that you love His name.