Welcome to our praise and worship guide using the Psalms.

This guide is intended to help you spend a few minutes in worship on a daily basis. The worship activities for each day will take about 10 minutes, and are best done before your normal devotional time. May God richly bless you as you take time to reflect on who He is and what He’s doing in your life!

Psalm 119:73-80

“May My Heart Be Blameless”


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Day 1

Read verse 73. Praise God for the creativity He used in creating you as a unique person. Praise Him because of His wisdom and understanding of who you are. Ask Him to help you understand how to serve Him.



Day 2

Read verse 74. Tell God what it is that gives you hope from His word. As you bow quietly in His presence, ask Him for deeper hope as you reflect on His awesomeness. Who are you an example to? Ask God to help you live His commands in front of others, so that your life is something they rejoice in. Tell the Lord how this humbles you as you shine as a light in the world.


Day 3

Read verses 75 to 77. In what way has God afflicted you in faithfulness recently? Tell Him how you rejoice because He is acting in faithfulness, love and compassion as He strengthens your faith. Tell Him how the words of these verses give you comfort. Bow before Him and tell Him how you delight in Him.


Day 4

Read verses 78 and 79. Affirm to God again that you treasure your relationship with Him, and commit yourself to meditating on His word. Ask Him for strength in opposition; ask Him for fellowship with others who also fear Him.


Day 5

Read verse 80. Tell God again how you desire to come to know Him and live according to His commands. Ask Him to show you areas of your life where you are not blameless; confess these. Tell Him how you rejoice in His forgiveness.