Welcome to our praise and worship guide using the Psalms.

This guide is intended to help you spend a few minutes in worship on a daily basis. The worship activities for each day will take about 10 minutes, and are best done before your normal devotional time. May God richly bless you as you take time to reflect on who He is and what He’s doing in your life!

Psalm 62

“You Will Render to a Man According to His Work”


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Day 1

Read verses 1 and 2. Praise God today because of His strength, His eternality, and His intimate presence in your life. How has God shown His strength in your life in the past? Tell Him, and thank Him. Tell Him how His strength is a firm foundation for you.


Day 2

Read verses 3-6. What circumstances are causing you anxiety today? Lay these concerns honestly before God. Tell Him how these verses speak encouragement to you as you read them again. Affirm to God that you are waiting for His intended outcome. When you end your worship time, leave your anxieties where you laid them down at the mercy seat.


Day 3

Read verses 7 and 8. Praise the Lord Jesus today because of His intimate concern for you. Pour out the concerns of your heart to Him. Tell Him how His strength is a refuge for you. Affirm to Him that your trust is in Him; ask Him tohelp you trust him “at all times.”


Day 4

Read verses 9 and 10. Today ask the Lord to show you where you have been trusting your own resources, trying to accomplish God’s will in your own way. As He probes your heart, confess your selfish willfulness, and turn these areas over to Him. Tell Him how you desire Him more than the riches of the world.


Day 5

Read verses 11 and 12. Praise God today for His power. Tell Him specifically what a merciful God He is. Ask Him to open your eyes today to His new mercies. Ask Him to show you the deeds He has prepared for you to walk in.