Welcome to our praise and worship guide using the Psalms.

This guide is intended to help you spend a few minutes in worship on a daily basis. The worship activities for each day will take about 10 minutes, and are best done before your normal devotional time. May God richly bless you as you take time to reflect on who He is and what He’s doing in your life!

Psalm 93

“The Lord Reigns”

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Day 1

Read verse 1 today. Praise the Lord Jesus because of His majesty. Bow down before Him in your heart and tell Him how majestic and glorious He is. Tell Him how His strength is displayed in creation. How has the Lord shown His strength in your life recently? Tell Him this and thank Him. Make a fresh commitment to Him to hold up His glorious, majestic name for others to see.


Day 2

Read verse 2 today. Praise the Lord Jesus because He is eternal. Tell Him what it means to you that you serve an eternal King, who rules all the universe, who has always ruled and will always rule. Ask the Spirit to search your heart for any area of your life that you have not submitted to His rule, and as you are able, present that area of your life in submission before His throne.


Day 3

Read verse 3. Praise the Lord today because of His sovereignty as Lord. As you think of Jesus as your sovereign Master, bring whatever praise to Him the Spirit prompts you with. Think of how He has exercised His compassionate control in your circumstances recently; thank Him by lifting your voice to Him.


Day 4

Read verse 4. Praise the Lord Jesus today because He is mighty (strong in battle). Think of the ways He has used His might recently in your life to protect you and fight for you. Is there an area of your life in which you are fearful? Bring your fear to Him, give it to Him, and express your trust in His great might.


Day 5

Read verse 5. Praise the Lord Jesus today because He is holy. Tell Him what it means to you that all of His truths, promises and commands flow from His holiness. Tell Him what it means to you that all of these decrees are trustworthy. Choose a favourite promise and tell Him why it means so much to you. Affirm your faith in the trustworthiness of this and all His promises.